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Dside Leather and Italian GSC Group combine Italian craftsmanship and sustainable innovation


Dear colleagues, clients, and leather enthusiasts,

Dside Leather, the trusted Italian leather manufacturing company based in Dongguan, is thrilled to bring you some exciting news.

As we strive for perfection, we are steadfast in our commitment to environmental protection. In line with this vision, we are honored to announce our partnership with the esteemed GSC Group, a leading supplier of chemical products for the leather industry and a representative of Italian excellence.

GSC Group has earned its reputation through excellent production quality, innovative spirit, high-value chemical solutions, and responsive customer service. Their values align perfectly with our blend of tradition and innovation. This strategic collaboration will enable Dside Leather to offer our customers non-metallic leather products and olive oil mill wastewater treatment solutions, revolutionizing sustainable leather production.

GSC Group's exceptional product portfolio closely aligns with their commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and perfectly complements Dside Leather's environmental vision. This partnership will elevate the leather industry, not only transforming our operations but also driving change across the entire sector.

Non-metallic leather, as the name suggests, avoids the use of heavy metals in the tanning process. Instead, it adopts sustainable alternatives that significantly reduce environmental impact while ensuring leather quality. This marks a shift from traditional craftsmanship to advanced technology, achieving dual excellence in quality and ethics.

On the other hand, while lesser known, olive oil mill wastewater treatment is a crucial step towards sustainable development. By converting by-products from olive oil production into valuable resources for leather production, we can greatly reduce waste and water consumption, perfectly embodying the essence of the circular economy.

Mauro Nardone, person in charge of Dside Leather, states, "Dside Leather has always been committed to blending Italian tradition with innovation. Through our partnership with GSC Group, we reaffirm our commitment to our customers - providing them with not only the finest leather but also doing so in a sustainable manner. We are proud to offer top-notch products that are achieved by respecting and protecting the world we cohabit."

This collaboration marks the beginning of a progressive era, setting new benchmarks in the leather tanning industry and showcasing the core values of Dside Leather's business philosophy: excellence, tradition, and sustainability.